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Dedicated to medical Air Transportation, our Air Ambulance wing has saved the lives of millions. Equipped with state of the art medical facilities, our air ambulance wing pledges to save as many lives as possible just like it has in the past


Asia's leader in medical Air transportation

ACS's Air Ambulance is Asia's leader in medical evacuation air transport. This wing originated to make medical air transportation easier & affordable, while maintaining world-class safety and in flight medical standard.

The largest fleet of Air Ambulances

ACS has a fleet of more than 50 medical carriers for the task of medical air transportation. All our air crafts abide by global flight safety guidelines & all medical auxiliary equipment undergoes a 4 time check on a daily basis.

Asia's leader for more than 20 years in Medavacs

With a team of more than 30 pilots dedicated to the task of saving as many lives possible by providing the finest service in medical air transportation, we have managed to be the leader in this service, for the past 20 years.

Air Charter Services provides Business Charter and Air Ambulance services in India, Middle-East and Asia

We are NSOP Certified


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