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Courses and Curriculum

ACS AME Approval Certificate

CAR 147 Basic

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a job profile with high dignity and a great sense of responsibility. Owing to the strict standards of aviation safety and security, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India, regulates & approves the AME Institute in India for operating aircraft maintenance colleges.

ACSPL is offering CAR 147 Basic AME training in two Categories, in line with DGCA’s regulations.

ACSPL offers AME course for both the categories in 2 years duration consisting of Six Trimesters (each of Four months).

Category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine)

Student enrolled under Category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) is trained to obtain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License for the maintenance performed on aircraft structure, powerplant comprising of Heavy Aeroplane (HA), Jet Engine (JE).

Category B2 (Avionics)

Student enrolled under Category B2 (Avionics) is trained to obtain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License with respect to maintaining an aircraft’s Electrical System (ES), Instrument System (IS) and Radio Navigation System (RN).

Semester Plan

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